Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hari Jantung Sedunia, and then some.

Today a celebration was held in conjunction with World Heart Day or Hari Jantung Sedunia. Members of Gayung Fatani from Seri Bintang Utara and Selatan had been training for the last week to perform at this event. It was held at Taman Rekreasi Lembah Kiara Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. Various activities were held at this all-out celebration of health and awareness. Activities like the 1 mile walk, blood pressure checks, fitness competition, aerobics exercises and a lucky draw (which Qistina walked away from with a prize) which was well received by the enthusiastic crowd. The event was a fun and meaningful way to spread awareness and bring together those who cared about having healthy hearts. The performance carried out by members from Seri Bintang and a few primary schoolers from Putrajaya 4 had the crowd looking on in rapture.

The performance was started out by Bunga Sembah and Jurus Olahraga 8 Langkah by the primary schoolers followed by the 16-step Bunga Sembah by us (GF SBU). Fiqah Qari and Hani Syakira then went on to give graceful presentations of Bunga Sembah peringkat 2 & 3 (Kuning & Hijau). This was followed by the relay performance which included Hani Syakira, Syafiqah, Azza, Masyitah, Qistina and myself, Roselyn. The Buah Seni & Buah Pukulan were next. This was performed in pairs of Elwana and Nadiah, Syazwani (better known as Wani) and I & Syafiqah and Masyitah. We performed buah tetak, tikam and parang respectively. Next, Wani and I performed a short tempur. Wani was brilliant and we did quite well. We then retreated back into the lines to surrender the stage to Luqman and Nadiah who perfromed the Jurus Olahraga Peringkat 1 & 2 respectively. We then finished off with the Bunga Sembah 4 Langkah. The entire perfromance was thoughtfully punctuated with explanations for each item performed by Afiqah Husna. We were escorted out with applause from the lively, beaming crowd.

After a massive lunch at the mamak's under the Maluri LRT station, Cikgu Nizam generously drove everybody to their respective destinations including the primary schoolers from Putrjaya 4 whose homes were in Putrajaya (in precincts 9 to 11) despite the distance. This preceded the meeting that was held at Hotel Maluri.

Being the 2nd meeting of PCS' management, a few of us had several items to discuss. The main agenda was the PCS Annual Dinner which could now be the PCS Annual Luncheon. The meeting was a success, fulfilling it's main objective: to organize the committee for the event. Two proposals were handed over to Cikgu Nizam for scrutiny and tasks were duly handed out. The meeting came to an end after all tasks were assigned and no other matters were presented for discussion. All in all, today was a fun-filled and exciting day which wouldn't have been successful without the dedication & co-operation we received from our members.


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